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June 24, 1949 ~ Rev. Edward J. Ayers is appointed the first pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

June 18, 1950 ~ Our Lady of Mount Carmel is completed and its first Mass was said.

September, 1950 ~ Our Lady of Mount Carmel School was opened with Sr. Mary Joseph (Brady)
                             as Principal until 1956.

January 21, 1951 ~ Bishop John F. O'Hara dedicates the Church and School.

June 23, 1953 ~ Rev. Edward J. Ayers passed away

September 3, 1953 - Rev. Bernard J. Magee is appointed as the second pastor

1954 ~ The first 40 hour devotion was held for Lent.

August 29, 1955 ~ The convent was completed on Grand Avenue at a cost of $102,000 by
                           Albert Elia Construction.

1956 ~ The dwelling at 2703 Independence Avenue was purchased as the rectory and
           was remodeled with completion in April of 1957.

June 1958 ~  The eighth grade held its first graduation with
                   22 students.

1970 ~ Congregation consisted of 1385 families.

September 17, 1975 ~ Rev. Bernard J. Magee passed away
                                 at the age of 67
October 25, 1975 ~ Msgr. Edward J. Scanlan is appointed
                            the third pastor.

April of 1976 ~ The confessional room replaced the old
                      traditional confessional.

1981 ~ The rectory was moved to the old convent on Grand Avenue.

1982 ~ Dedication of the new Tabernacle.

December 1996 ~ Msgr. Edward Scanlan retires.

January 14, 1997 ~ Rev. Duane R. Klizek becomes the fourth Pastor Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

2000 ~ 2002  ~  Complete renovation of the Church.
Dedication Mass for the renovations were held on  July 10th 2002, and said by Bishop Mansell.

June 30, 2008 ~ Through the Journey of Faith and Grace, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and
                        St. Joseph Church merge under the new title of Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and 
                         Joseph Parish with Rev. Duane R. Klizek as Pastor.  Both Church remain in 
                         operation today.

September 2010 ~ Our Lady of Mount Carmel School closes its doors, and students are merged
                            into Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls.                             
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