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December 22, 1903 ~ St. Joseph Church is completed with a blessing from Bishop Charles Colton.

1903 ~ First pastor is appointed:  Rev. Cipriano Mealli

1911 ~ Rev Federico Sbrocca becomes St. Joseph second pastor.

1914 ~ St. Joseph School is completed at a cost of $40,000.00 and a
          building on Pine Avenue is purchased and converted to a convent.

September, 1915 ~ Fr. Sbrocca was named Bishop of his native city in Campobosso and was succeeded
                            by Rev. Austin Billerio.
December 15, 1920 ~ Church renovations completed with the Lombard Italian Romanesque  
                               architectural style and was dedicated by Bishop William Turner of Buffalo.
1925 ~ Fr. Billerio was succeeded by Rev. George O'Neill, who served as pastor for 17 years.
October 7, 1945 ~ Rev. George O'Neill passed away.

November, 1945 ~ Msgr. Paschal J. Tronolone becomes 5th pastor.

1950 ~ first new convent completed on Tronolone Place


1952 - Religious Shop was erected between rectory and church.

1954 ~ The new building of St. Joseph School was constructed.

September 16, 1964 ~ Msgr. Paschal J. Tronolone passed away at the age of 69.
1970 ~ The present rectory was built.

December of 1964 ~ Msgr. Carl J. Fenice became the sixth pastor.

1987 ~ an extensive renovation of the Church took place.

June 30, 1987 ~ Msgr Fenice retires at the age of 75.

October 18, 1989 ~ Msgr Fenice passed away.
1989 ~ Msgr. Richard S. Amico becomes 7th pastor of St. Joseph Church.

2002 ~ 6, 7 & 8th grades were moved to the newly established St. Dominic Savio Middle School and
            St. Joseph School closed its doors and merged with three Network Schools in Niagara Falls.

October 12, 2003 ~ The Centenniel Celebration was held with Bishop Mansell and Bishop Trautman 
                             celebrating a Mass of Thanksgiving.

2005 ~ Msgr. Richard S. Amico retires and Rev. Robert Hora is appointed the 8th Pastor.

June 17, 2007 ~ Msgr. Richard Amico passed away.

July 1, 2008 ~ Through the Diocesan in Journey of Faith and Grace, St. Joseph Church and Our Lady of Mount 
                    Carmel Church merged under the new title of Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph with
                   Rev. Duane R. Klizek as pastor.  Both Church sites remain in operation today.

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